"With all seriousness, she is no joke"

If you are looking for a teacher to take your craft and understanding of your instrument to the next level, look no further! At a time where I was feeling most insecure about my abilities Karen came into my life and totally changed the way I produce sound. Her breathing techniques are critical to anyone interested in having a sustained career as a singer. Her ability to breakdown material, personalize technique to the individual, open range, and do it all with a warm heart is UNPARALLELED! I am telling you with all seriousness, she is no joke! I am a professional actor and singer and have been coached by Karen for Broadway auditions that I have received callbacks and final callbacks for! She is truly incredible.

-Jelani Alladin

Tony Howell

Tony Howell is a digital strategist dedicated to helping you design your future—creating offline success from your online presence.