"Cares so deeply and is so invested"

Karen Parks is the most phenomenal teacher I've ever had the privilege of working with. She cares so deeply and is so invested in her students. She knows the importance of vocal health, and her students quickly learn that this should always be their top priority. She also teaches her students how to be expressive, polished and professional in every aspect of performance. She chooses exactly the right repertoire for each vocalist and brings out the best in each person's voice. Going through the incredibly tedious and intimidating process of applying and auditioning for college, I have found myself constantly questioning how anyone does such a thing without a teacher like Ms. Parks. If you you have the incredible privilege of working with Karen, you will be eternally changed for the better.

-Meg Spearman

Tony Howell

Tony Howell is a digital strategist dedicated to helping you design your future—creating offline success from your online presence.